Who is T. Bailey????

I am T. Bailey, and I have been blessed to experience love and marriage twice in my life, firmly believing that God designed the union of male and female to be a divine partnership at the right seasons of our lives. I am grateful that my children had the opportunity to grow up in a household with two parents, setting an example of a family as ordained by God, spanning decades, and even including our beloved family pet, Tiger, in our story.


Born and raised as the youngest in my family in Shreveport, Louisiana, I moved to the vibrant DFW area in 2001. My vocal worship of God began at the tender age of eight, singing the words, “Be Ye Steadfast, Unmovable, Always Abounding in the Works of the Lord, Knowing that your Labor is not in Vain.” From that moment, my life transformed into a continuous act of worship, as I understood that my efforts for God were always purposeful and meaningful.


With nearly three decades of experience, I am an entrepreneur and an educator. My journey has led me through various fields, honing my communication, leadership, time management, finance, and risk management skills. My passion for education has been a driving force, particularly in supporting nontraditional learners. I am proud to hold qualifications such as a Master's degree in Educational Technology, a testament to my commitment to lifelong learning and relevance in my industry.


My dedication to education is evident in my involvement in alternative education, eLearning, and advocacy work. My mission is to champion for families and students, equipping them with the tools to overcome obstacles and thrive.


I am pursuing my Doctorate in Human Services, a testament to my ongoing commitment to expanding my knowledge and expertise. My affiliation with Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, adds a personal touch to my professional journey, grounding me in a supportive community.


In my life of worship, my deepest desire is for God’s presence to guide me wherever I go. I am passionate about helping fellow believers understand that, regardless of life's circumstances, we can always transition back to the Father through a personal relationship of praise and worship. This connection allows God’s presence to lead us toward fulfilling our purpose, and it all begins with gratitude to the one in control: God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.